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Lord of the Rings Mini Statue Bilbo Baggins 11 cm

Lord of the Rings Mini Statue Bilbo Baggins 11 cm

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As the sun rose on his one-hundred and eleventh birthday, the most peculiar resident of Hobbiton settled onto his garden perch, reminiscing over a life rich with experiences.

While most Hobbits reveled in simple pleasures and shunned excitement and the wider world, Bilbo Baggins, the mysterious dweller of Bag End, was renowned for his daring adventures. Tales spun of his friendships with Elves and companionship with Wizards, with whispers hinting at Bag End's hidden treasures of Dwarf gold.

Bilbo savored the rumors that surrounded him, relishing in outwitting his covetous relatives. Yet, on this special day, as he reflected upon his journey, his eyes wandered to the distant horizon, yearning for the sight of snow-capped peaks. The embers of adventure reignited within his aging heart.

Crafted with precision by Brigitte Wuest, the lead sculptor of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, this portrayal of Bilbo Baggins stands as an iconic addition to your Weta Workshop miniatures collection.

Product dimensions: 10.6 x 10.5 x 10.6 cm

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